The Real Story Behind

The Song...

Cracklin' Rosie

by Neil Diamond

Alright, you want the REAL story about this song? I was touring (playing Bass) with Neil and we did a concert up in Toronto (Possibly London, just south of Toronto) and a woman reporter has asked to interview Neil.  Diamond relented and huddled Carol Hunter and I together and said, "I'll bet you $1.00 that I will end up interviewing her in less than 5 minutes!" We said, "You're on!" and they proceeded to show the reporter backstage. She asked Neil two or three quick questions and suddenly Neil said, "By the way where do you live here in Canada?" She said that she lived a little north of Thunder Bay up by the Indian reservation. We saw Neil's eyes sparkle a little and then he asked her, "Gee what do they do for entertainment up there? (referring to the reservation) and she launched into the story that the men in the tribe outnumbered the women at least 2 to 1 and that the pickings were pretty slim. At that point Neil asked, "Well what do the guys who don't have any women do?" and she replied, "Oh they just go down to the "Rez Store"' and buy a bottle of Cracklin' Rose (pronounced rose-ay) wine and that's their woman for the night." Both Carol and I could see Neil's mind working the second she finished talking. We paid up and Neil wrote most of the song on the airplane on the way home on Sunday night and called Carol and I on Tuesday to come down to the studio and we cut "Cracklin' Rosie" in about two hours. And that is exactly the way it happened! Neil Diamond's first #1 song was about a bottle of wine...

As Told By Randy Cierley-Sterling Via You Tube!

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