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Why buy your DIY flowers from us and not online?

Online wholesalers will ship your flowers dry packed, meaning that they are not in water and will need processing. There are certain techniques, depending on the type of flower that professional florist use to get the best looking and long-lasting blooms.  We will process and handle your flowers with expert care, from choosing your blooms to processing to delivery and/or pick up.  

By ordering from an online wholesale company, you risk the flowers arriving less than perfect and in bad condition.  We have a close relationship with our supplier and they know how particular we are with flowers, by hand picking your flowers we avoid this risk and if we do get a bad bunch, we can replace it immediately.

Included in the price of your flowers is professional processing, you will be able to design immediately after receiving your flowers.

How are your flowers sold?

We sell flowers by the bunch, a bunch will consist of a certain amount of stems, such as 10 or 25 or sold by the weight of the bunch.​  Unlike most online vendors, we do not have a set amount of bunches you have to buy.  You can buy the right amount of bunches you need for the designs you plan to make.

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What is a Cracklin' Rose design party like?


A Cracklin' Rose event is not only a class, it is a modern way to gather your friends, family and co-workers to experience a mixture of food, drink and fun while learning the art of floral design and so much more. 

Our events give you a fun and social group setting at your local restaurants, clubs or favorite bars. You can even choose a personal home setting if you prefer a more intimate atmosphere. Our professional designers will walk you through creating beautiful floral arrangements, decorative designs or specialty projects. Each event is a two hour class that allows you to enjoy a night out, while creating a show-stopping piece for you and your friends to take home. For our public events we suggest arriving 30 minutes early to get a seat of your choice.

We love humanity, if you are passionate about a charity or organization and want to raise money for the causes you hold dear to your heart, let us plan a Zero To Hero benefit. We will help you raise funds for your favorite charity or nonprofit.

Do I need to purchase my ticket in advance?

You must buy your seats in advance, seats and class sizes are limited and some of our public events sell out fast! It is also necessary for us to know how many will be attending so that we are able to provide enough product and tools for you and your guests to complete your masterpiece!

What is included with my ticket?

Cracklin' Rose will offer all the tools,essentials and professional instructions needed for you to create your showpiece. We provide aprons for you to use throughout your event with an option to buy at the end of the session. We will send a keepsake group picture to your e-mail address to share with friends and family. And of course your beautiful creations is yours to take home and enjoy! Refreshments, alcohol and food are not included, but most of our public venues will be running drink and food specials or have a fun menu to choose from. If you are having a home party, the food and drink options are up to you! Plan a theme, have your friends bring potluck, so many options and if you need help we would be more than happy to help you plan the perfect party!​

What do I wear?

At any Cracklin' Rose event we want you to be comfortable, casual and ready to jump right in and start designing! We will provide aprons to cover your front but as in any situation there is always the possibility of something getting on your clothing, depending on what design you choose will determine what you will be working with.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your event or seat(s) up to 3 days before the events start time to receive a full payment refund.

If you cancel your event or seat less than 3 days before the event start time, the payment is not refundable. Our cancellation policy is structured this way because our instructors need to prepare for the correct amount of fresh product and or tools for each event. The majority of our items that we are order are time sensitive or seasonal and to maintain the highest quality products possible we must properly plan and order in advance.

Private Parties & Charites FAQ

Do you require a minimum number of guest for a private party?

Yes, you will need at least 6 people for a private party. If you have fewer guests you are charged for the minimum that is required.

What are your Hostess incentives for a private party?

If you have a group of 6 guests confirmed and paid, your private class is free (a $45-$65 value).  If you have a group of 10 guests, you will receive your private class for free and a public class of your choice

(a $90-$130 value). 

What if I have less than 6 people for a private party?

If you have a small group, it is recommended to join a class on our calendar at one of our partner venues that are open to the public. We will be more than happy to seat your group together at one table.


Do you provide alcohol & food for a private party?

We do not provide alcohol or food for private parties. But we would be more than happy to help you pair the best cocktails, wine and food for your event. We will even provide recipes!


How do you raise money for charity events?

We will help make your event a success by determining a ticket price that meets your fundraising goals. We will take care of all your ticket sales and help with your marketing by advertising your event on our website.

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